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Stark & Wayne

Stark & Wayne is the premier BOSH, Cloud Foundry, and Cloud Native consulting firm.


  1. Learn to use with this linear sequence of tutorials. Learn each concept that builds on the previous concept.

    Shell 846 520

  2. safe Public

    A Vault CLI

    Go 349 26

  3. BOSH is an open source tool for release engineering, deployment, lifecycle management, and monitoring of distributed systems. This is the Ultimate Guide to BOSH

    Shell 105 55

  4. bucc Public

    The fastest way to get a BUCC (BOSH, UAA Credhub and Concourse)

    Shell 135 48

  5. Generalized pipeline templates for various objectives, and a repipe script for compiling them.

    Shell 73 24

  6. gluon Public

    Managing BOSH and CF *from* Kubernetes

    Go 11 2


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