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Cloud Foundry - Light Release example

This repository acts as example of an idea of a "light release". The minimum set of YAML files that are required to upload the Cloud Foundry Bosh release to a target bosh.

Currently, as at the start of 2013, the documented methods for getting cf-release into a bosh is either:

git clone
# downloads a huge git repo and submodules
cd cf-release
./update            # downloads all blobs locally
bosh create release # create a dev release
bosh upload release # uploads the dev release

Or the more efficient method via final releases:

git clone
# downloads a huge git repo and submodules
cd cf-release
bosh upload release releases/appcloud-131.yml # downloads public blobs, uploads release

In both cases you have 1.5G of blobs to download to your laptop and then upload to your Bosh director.

How much of cf-release is really required to perform the bosh upload release command above? All of it? Some files?

It turns out we only need the following files/folders. This repository is an example of these minimal set of files.


Due to current validations within the bosh cli, we also need three blank folders: src, jobs, packages.

Want to see if it works?

git clone
cd cf-release-only
bosh upload release releases/appcloud-131.yml

This is the idea of a "light release".

What if this repository represented a small bundle of files that could be uploaded directly to Bosh, or that bosh could download directly (or via cf-release itself), and then the Bosh director did all the work of downloading the blobs.

You would never have to download a git repo, never have to download 1.5G of cf-release blobs, never have to then upload them again to your bosh. You could just give the cf-release URL to your bosh and say "go and install the release from there."


Thanks to Martin Englund for also having similar product ideas for the future of Bosh. Martin suggests the following CLI command:

bosh add remote release

Your bosh would automatically discover the appcloud release and import the latest release within it (appcloud-131.yml at the time of writing).

Thanks to Elizabeth Hendrickson who let me show her the delights of final releases vs dev releases; which prompted the question "what is the smallest set of files needed to upload a release?" which resulted in this small repo!