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Concourse Tutorial

Learn to use with this linear sequence of tutorials. Learn each concept that builds on the previous concept.

Read the tutorial at


Thanks to Alex Suraci for inventing Concourse CI, and to Pivotal for sponsoring him and a team of developers to work since 2014.

At Stark & Wayne we started this tutorial as we were learning Concourse in early 2015, and we've been using Concourse in production since mid-2015 internally and at nearly all client projects.

Thanks to everyone who has worked through this tutorial and found it useful. I love learning that you're enjoying the tutorial and enjoying Concourse.

Thanks for all the pull requests to help fix regressions with some Concourse versions that came out with "backwards incompatible change".

Getting Started

Read the tutorial at

Local development of tutorial

This tutorial is built using mkdocs. Once installed, you can continuously build and serve the tutorial locally with:

mkdocs serve

View the site and live changes at https://localhost:8000.

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