Concourse resource to track and fetch Hashicorp projects
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jmcarp and drnic Switch to bash and fix shellcheck warnings. (#3)
Resource scripts use features that are not standard in posix `sh`, such
as `[[]]` tests. Also, the `sh` that ships with alpine treats
`build_urls` as empty when not quoted in `[[ ! -z $build_urls ]]`.
Rather than handling edge cases in alpine `sh`, this patch switches to
`bash` and incidentally fixes some shellcheck warnings.
Latest commit c2cecef Mar 14, 2018

Hashicorp Release Resource

Hashicorp software releases are made available via This Concourse resource allows you to watch for new releases and fetch them.

Deploying to Concourse

You can use the docker image by defining the resource type in your pipeline YAML.

For example:

- name: hashicorp-release
  type: docker-image
    repository: starkandwayne/hashicorp-release-resource

  - name: vault
    type: hashicorp-release
      project: vault

To get the latest vault build for linux_amd64:

- get: vault
    regexp: linux_amd64

Source Configuration

  • project: Required. The Hashicorp project name. Example: vault


check: Check for new release versions

in: Fetch release

Downloads all (or a subset specified by regexp parameter) of builds for a version.

Also creates files:

  • version file with the current version
  • project file with the project name


  • regexp: Optional. If provided, only matching files will be downloaded. Otherwise all builds will be downloaded.

out: Not implemented

If you want to upload a new Hashicorp version, perhaps visit

Build docker image

docker build -t $docker_user/hashicorp-release-resource .
docker push $docker_user/hashicorp-release-resource