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MoltenCore allows running containerized container platforms on bare-metal in a BOSH native way, using a highly available scale out architecture.
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MoltenCore by Stark & Wayne

A lightweight foundation for running containerized platforms on top of bare-metal, using: CoreOS Container Linux and BUCC (BOSH, UAA, Credhub and Concourse).

Project Status

This project should not be used for production systems as we still need to tackle:

  • Backup & Restore
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Drain bosh instances on host shutdown
  • Re-enable Container Linux Auto Updates

For more details about what we are planning for Phase 3 read the blog post.


Use one of the following terraform projects to deploy a MoltenCore Cluster:

Once your cluster is deployed you can check on the status the embedded BUCC service.

Locating BUCC

MoltenCore nodes have expect to be given a unique zone index (via --zone flag). This should be taken care of by the infrastructure specific terraform project (by passing on count.index). The zone index is used for naming the BOSH availability zones (z0, z1, z2, etc).

The first node (z0) will host BUCC, and will be used for all management tasks. But before we can interact with BUCC we need to make sure it is up and running. The bucc.service will be started by systemd on the node with the first

Once you have sshed into node z0 systemd can be used to check the status and the progress of the bucc.service.

systemctl status bucc.service
journalctl -f -u bucc.service

Accessing BUCC

Make sure to locate your BUCC first (using the above paragraph), and make sure it is running. Now from node z0 you can start an interactive management shell with:

mc shell

To find the Concourse login credentials run:

bucc info

The following cli's have been pre-configured:

The bosh cli usage docs.

bosh env

The credhub cli

credhub get -n /concourse/main/moltencore

The concourse cli, named fly

fly -t mc workers
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