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Packet MoltenCore

This project allows operators to bootstrap a MoltenCore cluster on bare-metal using the terraform provider for

What is MoltenCore

MoltenCore allows running containerized container platforms on bare-metal in a BOSH native way, using a highly available scale out architecture. The main repo can be found on github.

Deploying MoltenCore

This project uses terraform to provision bare-metal servers.

Install Terraform

It has been tested successfully with terraform 0.12.x Follow the instructions here to install terraform on your system.

Clone the project

The packet-molten-core repo contains the terraform we need for the task at hand. Go ahead and clone the repo, we will also copy the vars template which we need in further steps:

git clone
cd packet-molten-core
cp terraform.tfvars.example terraform.tfvars

Setup a Packet account

Create a Packet account by signing-up here.

Create a project

Your serves will be created in a project, please refer to this support article on how to setup a project.

Retrieve your packet project id

select the project you just created and then browse to project settings. here you will find your Project ID

  1. copy your Project ID and fill it in your terraform.tfvars file

Retrieve your packet user api key

in the right top corner you will see your profile in the dropdown menu you will see a link API Keys create an api key here.

  1. copy your API Key and fill it in your terraform.tfvars file

Optionally customize the defaults

With your Project ID and API Key filled in you should be go to go, however you might want the change the following defaults:

packet_facility: the geographic location of the server datacenter full list here.

node_type: the type of server to use, available types here

node_count: number of nodes you want, best to use odd numbers when deploying cf or k8s to keep quorum


Now we can go ahead and deploy our cluster

terraform init    # to retrieve all the modules
terraform plan    # to verify all variables
terraform apply   # actually deploy a MoltenCore

Using MoltenCore

All management interactions with your MoltenCore cluster are performed from the first node (zone zero, z0 for short). This node also hosts the embedded BUCC. Use the helper script (./utils/ssh) to access node-z0 by default it wil go to z0 other nodes can be reached by passing a number (eg. ./utils/ssh 1 to go the second node)

./utils/ssh                   # ssh to node-z0
journalctl -f -u bucc.service # wait for BUCC to be deployed
mc shell                      # start interactive shell for interacting with BUCC

For more things to do with your cluster refer to the molten-core repo.


Terraform can be used to delete your MoltenCore cluster. To do so run the following command:

terraform destroy

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