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SHIELD 8.x is still beta software; not recommended for production deployment

New Features

  • The azure plugin now features a path_prefix setting to allow
    sharing of a single Azure Blobstore container amongst several
    jobs and/or SHIELDs.


  • The fs plugin no longer relies on the bsdtar executable to
    function; instead, all tarball creation / extraction is handled
    directly by the plugin code, making it easier to deploy.

  • The test-store and purge tasks that are scheduled in the
    slow loop are now skipped if the Vault is sealed. This keeps
    the task list from growing with lots of tasks that will not be
    scheduled until later. For purge tasks this wasn't a huge
    deal, but for test-store it meant that cloud storage would get
    slammed with test after test after test after test as soon as
    the SHIELD was unlocked.

Breaking Changes

  • The fs plugin no longer functions as a store plugin. This
    configuration was deemed to dangerous in the wild, given the
    locality constraints. If you need local-ish filesystem-backed
    storage, check out the webdav plugin.

Bug Fixes

  • WebSocket broadcast receivers are only registered after a
    successful upgrade from plain HTTP to WebSockets, to avoid
    stalling out the core on badly-behaved clients.

  • The CLI now honors -k everywhere it appears.

  • It is now possible to update a target / store that was created
    without any configuration (no --data on create-*).

  • CLI update-* commands now properly display the updated object
    attributes, instead of an empty report.

  • The create-auth-token CLI command now honors --json.

  • Fix javascript event handler stacking bugs in the web UI. In
    short, form submissions would "remember" their previous onsubmit
    handlers, leading to some very interesting errors on both
    client- and server-side.