@starkandwayne-bot starkandwayne-bot released this Jul 13, 2018 · 59 commits to master since this release

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  • Move the vault.crypt file out from under the vault/ data
    directory sub-directory; that sub-directory is dedicated to the
    Vault instance, and we shouldn't be putting other things in there.

  • Threshold for storage now indicates the use of units in the form field, to
    prevent the accidental specification of 50 bytes when you meant 50 gigabytes.

  • Improved results of the /v2/info and /v2/heath API endpoints to match its
    documented behaviour.


  • Removed FQDN from /v2/info as it was populated using DNS reverse lookups
    that were less than useful.

Bug Fixes

  • Storage health correctly stated during creation of ad-hoc runs.

  • Scheduled jobs in timeline are not longer incorrectly as "Ad-hoc"

  • Admin/Sessions page no longer shows all IP Addresses as localhost and
    shows the session creation time in human-readable format.

  • Notes for targets are now displayed on the page for a given system.

  • Errors encountered when unlocking the vault now notify the user.

  • Release version correctly displayed on header instead of (development)