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New Features

  • Compression of archives is now optional, on a per-target basis.
    If you have really big databases and don't want to bother compressing
    them, you can now turn that off and get done with your data protection
    tasks sooner!

  • The Tasks API now has new time boundary range parameters, for retrieving
    tasks based on when they started and/or stopped.


  • The Systems and Storage views now have the ability to toggle between a
    card-based layout (the default), and a table layout.

  • Tags in the Systems View Timeline are now only shown for non-backup tasks,
    and only for successfully completed tasks. In practice, this means that
    restore operations get tags and no one else does.

  • The Retention Policy API / UI / CLI is better. Namely, the API matches
    the documation (it's a PATCH not a PUT), and we have proper bounds
    checking on expiry days and policy name lengths.

Bug Fixes

  • When restoring archives with the CLI, and targeting a different data
    system than the archive originally came from, everything works as