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SHIELD 8.x is still beta software; not recommended for production deployment

New Features

  • SHIELD now supports Fixed Key encryption for disaster recovery
    of backups for SHIELD itself.


  • The s3 plugin now uses pathd buckets, so it should work better
    with S3-workalikes that don't support DNS-style buckets.

  • The fs plugin strips the base director from the files as they
    are archived, allowing archives to be portably replayed to
    different base directors on restore.

  • The mysql and xtrabackup plugins are better now.

  • buckler import works better now, no longer requiring a SHIELD
    core (via either --core or $SHIELD_CORE). It also now
    supports skipping TLS verification of the SHIELD Core.

Bug Fixes

  • Plugins now accept boolish strings and numbers in place of
    actual booleans.

  • Handle symlinks in the fs plugin

  • The S3 plugin now properly sets a multipart upload chunk size
    of 5 MEGABYTES, not 5 GIGABYTES, so we don't OOM on VMs. Oops.

  • The WebUI can now display OAuth provider configuration (again).

  • buckler create-policy now properly validates the expiry value
    as a number.

  • SHIELD Core no longer leaks file descriptors when talking to the
    sealed Vaults.