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@starkandwayne-bot starkandwayne-bot released this Jan 20, 2018 · 129 commits to master since this release


  • Global Storage Systems are available for selection during the
    backup configuration wizard in the web UI.

  • Storage systems now properly report their health to all
    front-end views, fixing a few fixmes along the way.

  • Agents can now be resynchronized, in an ad hoc fashion, via the
    admin backend on the web UI.

  • Jobs will have their 'next run' time re-calculated when their
    schedule is changed. Previously, the existing schedule was in
    force until the first run after a schedule change, at which
    point the new schedule kicked in. This was weird, so we changed

  • New Cloud Storage Solutions (global or tenant-based) are
    considered healthy until proven broken.

  • shield-agent now has better logging to help troubleshoot
    registration problems.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an egregious bug in the scheduling logic that was only
    considering jobs scheduled in the future to be "overdue".
    Since all jobs start out with a next_run of 0, this caused NO
    JOBS to ever be scheduled. Thankfully, 8.x is still beta.

  • Fix a segfault when dereferencing a nil Task during a broadcast.
    Now, we log that we got a nil task, to assist in tracking down
    why / where its occurring, rather than just crashing on panic.

  • The shield restore-archive command now prints out the UUID of
    the task scheduled to run the restore, rather than the cryptic
    (and oh-so-unhelpful) string "%s!:bool=true"

  • Neither shield create-job, nor shield update-job will allow
    you to create (or modify) jobs to have invalid, unparseable
    schedules. This will keep the CLI from accidentally creating
    schedules that the web UI can't process.

  • When restoring through the new wizard, the web UI only shows
    archives for the selected target system, instead of all of the
    archives every made for the tenant. Turns out this was less
    than useful.

  • Fix up some edge cases where we weren't checking for the
    existence of a tenant in tenant-scope API calls, just the rights
    to that tenant -- since system users can affect all tenants, we
    found that we could create child objects on non-existent

Developer Stuff

  • bin/testdev now runs a WebDAV service on the nginx reverse
    proxy (on $PORT+1), since we can no longer use the fs plugin
    for storage operations.

    On MacOS, with homebrew, you'll want to reinstall nginx with
    WebDAV support: brew reinstall --with-webdav nginx

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