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MagicTV EasyRecorder is a frontend for the MagicTV iRec web site.

This project was tried to enter App Store but failed, due to 2 main reasons:

  • This project uses resources that has not been legally authorized
  • App Store requires to prove actual interactions between real devices with videos

I have determined not to continue trying after several failure attempts and cease development of the project altogether with Android version.

Basic Information

Project Language: Swift 2 Project Version: Xcode 7 Validity: The project is usable at time of development, but since Android version still works, iOS version should also works

License Information

This project is licensed with GNU General Public License V2 with exception of the following:

  • Submission to any online platform is prohibited unless obtained express written permission from Studio KUMA
  • Commercial usage of any unmodified or derived works are prohibited by any mean

I understand that usage of exception in GPL v2 is not valid legally, but I will do my best to publicize any violators.

Notes on Ads By Google

This project has Ads By Google built in, however the AdMob Unit ID has been removed from the project so I will not gain any revenue by usage of the code.