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Adjusted the IPath interface and the interface for uncertainty

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fmohr committed Jul 24, 2019
1 parent df87d19 commit e1b594c0d3d3629ef5f69a325527653dc7ee2ada
@@ -2,9 +2,11 @@

import java.util.List;


public interface IUncertaintySource<T, A, V extends Comparable<V>> {

public double calculateUncertainty(IEvaluatedPath<T, A, V> n, List<List<T>> simulationPaths, List<V> simulationEvaluations);
public double calculateUncertainty(IEvaluatedPath<T, A, V> n, List<IPath<T, A>> simulationPaths, List<V> simulationEvaluations);

@@ -10,7 +10,19 @@

public IPath<N, A> getPathToParentOfHead();

public IPath<N, A> getPathFromChildOfRoot();

public List<N> getNodes();

public boolean isPoint();

public int getNumberOfNodes();

public List<A> getArcs();

public A getInArc(N node);

public A getOutArc(N node);

public boolean containsNode(N node);

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