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Commits on Jun 12, 2012
  1. @tiwilliam

    User settings form

    tiwilliam authored
  2. @martinmelin
  3. @tiwilliam

    Skeleton for user profile

    tiwilliam authored
  4. @martinmelin
  5. @martinmelin
Commits on Jun 11, 2012
  1. @steevel

    Clean up of attr handling, also solves a bug where /api/project/1/use…

    steevel authored
    …rs didn't return any values.
  2. @steevel
  3. @steevel
  4. @siavashg

    Make login inputs equal

    siavashg authored
  5. @tiwilliam

    Fix logout.

    tiwilliam authored
  6. @tiwilliam
  7. @martinmelin

    add a /logout view

    martinmelin authored
  8. @siavashg

    Handle signup success/error

    siavashg authored
  9. @tiwilliam
  10. @siavashg

    WIP: Signup

    siavashg authored
  11. @siavashg

    Minor frontend changes

    siavashg authored
  12. @siavashg

    Minor frontend changes

    siavashg authored
  13. @siavashg

    Text update

    siavashg authored
  14. @birknilson

    Bunch of frontend changes.

    birknilson authored
    1) Added animation to signup modal show/hide actions
    2) Added ability to easily navigate between pages
    3) Added animation between page changes
  15. @steevel
  16. @tiwilliam
  17. @martinmelin
  18. @martinmelin

    de-optimize code

    martinmelin authored
  19. @steevel
  20. @steevel

    Fixed bug when row is empty

    steevel authored
  21. @martinmelin
  22. @martinmelin
  23. @martinmelin
  24. @steevel

    Added oauth config

    steevel authored
  25. @martinmelin
  26. @martinmelin
  27. @martinmelin
  28. @tiwilliam
  29. @martinmelin
  30. @birknilson
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