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cpcc - Cross Platform C++ Classes

A set of cross platform classes and functions.

(c) StarMessage Software []

Project Objectives:

A small set of cross platform classes and functions that will allow the quick development of applications.

Designed for ease of use:

  • Simply include the needed files in your project. No need to build the classes as a separate libraries (release + debug version) and then link the library with your code
  • Self test routines on most units.
  • Implemented in header-only files whenever possible.

Operating system compatibility:

Already tested under:

  • Windows XP and later, 32 and 64 bit
  • OSX 10.6+

Future compatibility:

  • IOS

Project status:

Classes in the current queue:

  • [ok] portable fileSystem
  • [ok] portable log file
  • [ok] portable INI-like persistence class
  • [ok] portable screensaver API class
  • [ok] Listener pattern
  • [ok] Gui drawing tools (HDC: Ok, NSView [Ok], NSImage [ ], NSBmpRepresentation [ ]
  • [ok] portable window class with drawing tools
  • [ok] portable image class with drawing tools
  • [ok] Windows GDI helper class with common GDI drawing objects (Brush, HBITMAT, HFONT, etc).
  • [ok] Cross platform (Windows, OSX) getComputerName() function
  • [ ] Cross platform getComputerID function
  • [ ] IOS compatibility

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