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OpenWhisk oauth Package


The init.sh script will populate your OpenWhisk assets. In addition, the first time you use the script, it will also prompt you to set up oauth credentials with the providers of your choosing.

Supported Providers

This package current supports these providers:

Demo usage

First, create the backend assets, by executing the script init.sh. Then, you can test that this all works by executing the ./bin/login script.

% ./init.sh
% ./bin/login github
    "providerName": "github",
    "id": "starpit"

Validation Flows

If you wish to create oauth flows that validate credentials, you can make use of the validate action in the actions directory. For example, if you have an action A that you wish to protect with a validate authentication, you may create a sequence:

wsk action create --sequence A_with_auth oauth/validate,A

The utility bin/with-authn does this, such that bin/with-authn A will create a sequence named A-with-authentication.

The validate action takes as input this structure, which is included the return value of the login action:

	provider: "github",
	access_token: "xxx"

You can now expose A_with_auth via the API gateway, so that no secrets are exposed:

wsk api-experimental create /myapp /A get A_with_auth


The validate action obeys a binding parameter whose key as "acl", and whose value is a map of authorized identities e.g. {"github:starpit": true}.

The helper utility bin/updateACL can be used to adjust the ACL:

% ./bin/updateACL add github starpit
{ 'github:starpit': true }

% ./bin/updateACL remove github starpit
{ }

Web Front-End Demos

The web directory contains sample front-ends. The provided init.sh scripts in the subdirectories currently deploy to Bluemix ObjectStore, making use of the openwhisk-objectstore package.

Login Demo

This page offers the user a list of the provisioned identity providers. If opened with a redirect_uri query parameter, e.g. https://.../login.html?redirect_uri=xxx, then, upon authentication with the provider, the login page will pass on this redirect request to the provider. When done, the provider will redirect the browser, passing through the tokens necessary for invoking actions protected with validate.

Protected Action Demo

This page demonstrates how one might use the login page to invoke a protected action.

Advanced Topics

Configuring Providers By Hand

If you prefer to set up the provider credentials by hand, then

  1. cp conf/providers-template.json conf/providers.json
  2. edit conf/providers.json to add your client_ids and client_secrets
  3. cp conf/providers-client-template.json conf/providers.client.json
  4. edit conf/providers-client to add your client_ids