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Bot usage

To invite the bot to your server, use this link.

Catalogger's prefix is cl! or lg!. Self-hosted instances can use any prefix.

A list of all commands can be shown with cl!help commands.

Getting started

To start logging events, use the command cl!setchannel with a comma-separated list of events.

  • For example: cl!setchannel message_update,message_delete

To disable logging for an event, use cl!setchannel with the --clear flag.

  • For example, cl!setchannel --clear message_update will stop logging the message update event.

To ignore events from a channel, use cl!ignorechannel in that channel.
To stop ignoring the channel, run the command again.

Logging invites

Invites are logged by default (although the bot needs both "Manage Server" and "Manage Channels" for it to work).

You can give invites names, to track where people are coming from.

To do this, use the cl!invites name command with the invite code and the name you want to give to the invite.

You can use cl!invites to list all of the server's invites.

Redirecting events

You might want to redirect message update/delete events from some channels to specific log channels (for example, NSFW channels).
You can do this with the cl!redirect command, for example: cl!redirect #the-void #autodelete-log.
Note: there must be a default log channel for the event for redirecting to work.
Note 2: you can remove a redirect by replacing the second channel link in the redirect command with clear.


If the bot stops logging an event, try the cl!permcheck command; if that's all clear, but the bot still isn't logging, try the cl!clearcache command.

If it's still not working, feel free to join the support server and ask there!

Resetting your data

To delete all of your server's data, use the cl!cleardata command. This will reset your server's configuration, and delete all cached messages. This process is irreversible.


The following events are implemented:

  • MESSAGE_DELETE: deleted messages, both normal and PluralKit messages
  • MESSAGE_DELETE_BULK: bulk message deletions
  • MESSAGE_UPDATE: edited messages
  • GUILD_MEMBER_ADD: new member joining
  • GUILD_MEMBER_REMOVE: member leaving
  • INVITE_CREATE: created invites
  • INVITE_DELETE: deleted invites
  • GUILD_BAN_ADD: banned users
  • GUILD_BAN_REMOVE: unbanned users
  • GUILD_MEMBER_UPDATE: role updates
  • GUILD_MEMBER_NICK_UPDATE: username/nickname updates
  • CHANNEL_CREATE: channel creations
  • CHANNEL_UPDATE: channel updates
  • CHANNEL_DELETE: channel deletions
  • GUILD_ROLE_CREATE: role creations
  • GUILD_ROLE_UPDATE: role updates
  • GUILD_ROLE_DELETE: role deletions
  • GUILD_UPDATE: server updates, such as name and icon changes

The following events are not yet implemented:

  • GUILD_EMOJIS_UPDATE: changes to a server's custom emotes