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Go Reference

pkgo is a simple wrapper around PluralKit's REST API.


Import the package into your project:

import ""

All API actions are done through a Session struct. This can be authenticated or unauthenticated; for unauthenticated sessions, only public information will be returned.
To get an API token, run pk;token on Discord.

pk := pkgo.New("authentication token")
// or
pk := pkgo.New("")

Note on branches/versions

The main branch contains pkgo v1, which supports version 1 of PluralKit's API. Like the API version it supports, it's deprecated and won't receive any further updates.
The v2 branch contains pkgo v2, which supports version 2 of PluralKit's API (with groups).


sysID := "exmpl"

pk := pkgo.New("")

sys, err := pk.System(sysID)
// ID => exmpl
// Name => PluralKit Example System
// Tag => | PluralKit 🦊
// Created => 2020-01-12 02:00:33.387824 +0000 UTC

front, err := pk.Fronters(sysID)
// Timestamp => 2020-01-12 02:21:44.024493 +0000 UTC
// Members => [Myriad Kit Tester T. Testington]

msg, err := s.Message(859157735644069928)
// ID => 859157735644069928
// Original => 859157734331252777
// Sender => 694563574386786314
pk = pkgo.New("notARealToken")

sys, err = pk.EditSystem(pkgo.EditSystemData{
    Name:        pkgo.NewNullableString("Testing System"),
    Description: pkgo.NewNullableString("Hi, we're a system! πŸ‘‹"),
    Tag:         pkgo.NewNullableString("| Testers"),