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GitHub version Gitter Slack Documentation Status Docker Build Status Forum (baxter, apc)

jsk_apc is a stack of ROS packages for Amazon Picking Challenge mainly developed by JSK lab.
The documentation is available at here.


Competition Documentation
APC2015 See jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc.
APC2016 See jsk_2016_01_baxter_apc.
ARC2017 See jsk_arc2017_baxter.


# Our system at APC2015
  title={Pick-and-verify: verification-based highly reliable picking system for various target objects in clutter},
  author={Wada, Kentaro and Sugiura, Makoto and Yanokura, Iori and Inagaki, Yuto and Okada, Kei and Inaba, Masayuki},
  journal={Advanced Robotics},
  publisher={Taylor \& Francis}



  1. Install the ROS. Instructions for ROS indigo on Ubuntu 14.04.
  2. Setup your ROS environment.
  3. Build catkin workspace for jsk_apc:
$ mkdir -p ~/ros/ws_jsk_apc/src && cd ~/ros/ws_jsk_apc/src
$ wstool init .
$ cd ..
$ rosdep install -y -r --from-paths .
$ sudo apt-get install python-catkin-tools ros-indigo-jsk-tools
$ catkin build
$ source devel/setup.bash
  • Edit /etc/hosts: baxter 011310P0014.local
  • Add below in your ~/.bashrc:
$ rossetmaster
$ rossetip

$ # we recommend below setup (see
$ echo """
""" >> ~/.bashrc
$ rossetdefault baxter  # set ROS_MASTER_URI as http://baxter:11311


Setup Arduino and DXHUB

  1. To distinguish left DXHUB from right one, follow the instruction here.

  2. Create udev rules:

$ rosrun jsk_arc2017_baxter create_udev_rules

so that Arduinos can appear on /dev/arduino* and DXHUBs can appear on /dev/l_dxhub and /dev/r_dxhub

Setup scales

Create udev rules:

$ rosrun jsk_arc2017_common create_udev_rules

so that scales can appear on /dev/scale*

Setup SSH

Write below in ~/.ssh/config:

Host baxter
  User ruser  # password: rethink