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How does RViz receive from MoveIt! the collision data? #55

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This isn't a specific issue/question to hironx at all; it's rather my homework that's asked by a new hironx user.

I guess it's what FCL returns. I need to study. Don't touch. Comments welcomed though.

The new user above is wondering if there's an interface in MoveIt! (or directly from FCL if my guess is appropriate) to access the collision information, it would become possible in hrpsys or any program to do their own collision avoidance without depending on move_group.

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Owner with launch file is the good example of how to get collision state. I'm not sure on MoveIt case.

Thank you, for hrpsys collision detection (once hrpsys collision detection is sufficiently enabled on hiro (ie. #36, and maybe a few more tickets) I think I'll have to document it).

For MoveIt!, the following diagram from Overview page explains well.


Looks like through Planning Scene in MoveIt! you can get a trigger of when the collision occurs in C++. See tutorial.

My guess is that combining something like follwoing would do:

  1. Watch if collision happens by collision_result.collision.
  2. Once it does, get the pose info via /move_group/monitored_planning_scene topic.
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