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Check the joint that's passed to setTargetPoseRelative matches the group it's in. #61

130s opened this Issue Mar 10, 2014 · 4 comments

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130s commented Mar 10, 2014

For example, this code "runs", but probably nobody wants to do this:

robot.setTargetPoseRelative('larm', 'RARM_JOINT5', dx=0.01, tm=5)

(What would happen is the left hand tries to move toward where the right hand is, and hit)

Since I assume there's no way for hrpsys to know which eef belongs to which joint group but setTargetPoseRelative still requires both group name and joint name, solution needs to be added on robot client side (ie. HIRONX class).

Discussed with @emijah and his comment:

After talking with @130s we found that having an argument for the group and another for the end effector name can be misleading. One solution would be to have a dictionary to get end effector names from the group name.
One way would be to use the last name on the rarm/larm list.

@130s 130s self-assigned this Mar 10, 2014
start-jsk member
start-jsk member
130s commented Apr 30, 2014

Should I add a change to hrpsys.HrpsysConfigurator or does this only need to be implemented in hironx_client?

start-jsk member
k-okada commented Apr 30, 2014

basically we try to think about implement in upstream code, so i think it is better to consider if it is possible to change hrpsys.HrpsysConfigurator first

start-jsk member
130s commented May 5, 2014
def setTargetPoseRelative(self, gname, eename, dx=0, dy=0, dz=0, dr=0, dp=0, dw=0, tm=10, wait=True): 

actually eename is not end-effector name, but that is the frame that to calculate Relateive Pose,

Thank you, this should be addressed in #87.

@k-okada k-okada closed this Jul 11, 2014
@130s 130s referenced this issue in fkanehiro/hrpsys-base Sep 25, 2015

setTargetPoseRelative()がうまく動作しない #820

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