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API documentation

API documention and examples


No authentification is required at the moment.

Rate limiting

A maximum of 5 requests per minut is allowed.

Getting started

All requests are made on https://startalberta.com/api/ via GET requests and url parameters.


Entity Url
Article articles
Company companies
Event events
Individual individuals
Investment investments
Investor investors
Job jobs
Organization organization
Program program
Vc Firm vc-firm

For example, this is the request to retrieve all companies

GET https://startalberta.com/api/companies


All responses are paginated, change page via the page parameter

GET https://startalberta.com/api/companies?page=2


You can search on all the fields of an entity with the search parameter.

GET https://startalberta.com/api/companies?search=Acme


You can filter on specific fields of an entity.

GET https://startalberta.com/api/companies?name=Acme&created_at=2018-01-01&stage=Validating

This will search all companies containing 'Acme' in their name, created on 2018-01-01 and having the 'Validating' stage.


You can sort on specific fields of an entity with the sort_field and sort_order parameters.

GET https://startalberta.com/api/companies?sort_field=id&sort_order=desc

Bug or issues?

Please report it on GitHub