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Trying it online:

Go to

It is available as JNLP and executable download

Getting Started

  1. Go to github and fork repository to your own name starteam/starorf_java
  2. Use terminal to go to your eclipse workspace and run:
    git clone
  3. Go to github and form repository to your own name starteam/star_signalsystem_java
  4. Use terminal and in your eclipse worksapace run:
    git clone
  5. Go to eclipse and run:
  • File -> Import
  • choose Existing Projects into Workspace
  • choose ‘Select root directory’ and point to the workspace
  • choose ‘star_signalsystem_java’ and ‘starorf_java’

Your workspace will build correctly and at this point you can run starorf. Highlight starorf_java project and select ‘Debug -> as Java Application’.

Contributing to the project

Create pull request in git to submit patches or improvements.

Syncing with starteam/starorf_java updates

git remote -v
git remote add upstream
git git fetch upstream
git fetch upstream
git branch -va
git checkout master
git merge upstream/master
git push