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Minimal Gulp + Webpack with Zurb Foundation, CoffeeScript, SCSS starter kit for frontend development.
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Frontend StarterKit is a barebones framework with gulp and webpack fully configured for rapid development.

Webpack runs webpack-dev-server in development for on-the-fly compilation of source file changes. It can also compile assets for production.

CoffeeScript, SCSS, Zurb Foundation, and Bower are installed and configured.

By default, CSS files are included by requiring them in JavaScript files via webpack magic. This reduces network latency and allows webpack to intelligently manage which files are actually required. See src/js/


git clone
cd frontend-starterkit-minimal
npm install -g webpack-dev-server bower
npm install


# Run webpack-dev-server

# Or manually run webpack if needed
webpack -d --colors


# Compile assets for production
gulp build
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