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Windows Setup
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Fun Fact: You need software to make software. Who would have thought. This guide will help you prep your computer such that you can build awesome software ~


Python is a really cool programming language that’s super easy to learn. We’ll be using Python for most of our starting projects. We’d recommend getting a specific flavor of python called Anaconda.

You should get the Python 3 version of Anconda from here.

Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the on screen instructions. Reference these instructions if you get stuck.

Make sure you check the two boxes to install it for All Users, not Just Me.

Once Anaconda is installed, restart your computer.

After your computer has finished restarting hit the start button and type cmd into the search box, which should open the Command Prompt. It should look like this:

Windows command prompt

Of course it’ll say your computer’s username instead of Brennan for the file path. Now go ahead and type in python in the command prompt and press ENTER.

Python in the command prompt

You should now see the python command window! To exit out of this hit Ctrl + Z and then the ENTER key, which will take you back to the normal command prompt.

Everything Else

Turns out that Anaconda, the Python distribution we just installed already comes with libraries required to get started with web development 😄

Now you're all set to start hacking! Happy Coding!! ^_^

Getting Started with [x]

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