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An online adaptation of Dave Seah's Printable Emergent Task Timer
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Browser Emergent Task Timer

This is the Daily Task Tracker, an HTML5 Web App based on the printable Emergent Task Timer which is created by David Seah.

Brief History

This was originally created for the 10K Apart Challenge. It was a fun project and I wanted to keep developing it to enhance it’s features and to include new ones. You can find the original version here.

Local Storage

Uses JavaScript localStorage to save all of the the data – which is contained inside of a JSON object. The data is automatically saved everytime you perform an action inside the web app. This means you can leave or refresh the page at anytime, and you will not loose any data without explicitly dumping the data yourself.

Enhancing the web

Supports browsers that are HTML5 and CSS3 friendly. This web app most likely will not work at all using any version of Internet Explorer less than version 9.

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