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Pagina is a small web app that uses a Dropbox (or any other web) folder for site pages.

Pagina was designed to run on Heroku. It is very light (only hardcore dependency is rack) and uses Memcache to speed up pageloads.

The idea was to deploy simple homepages using latest cloud services fast and cheap. And in the same time, spend minimum time for implementing website design/layout.

While Dropbox takes care of ACL, revisions and hosting space, Pagina uses Markdown files to render pages.


This page source


require 'bundler/setup'

Pagina.dropbox_id 20301790
Pagina.dropbox_folder 'Pagina'
Pagina.layout File.expand_path '../test/layout.html', Pagina::ROOT
# Pagina.public_folder File.expand_path 'public' # To enable static files
run Pagina::App.start

Example Gemfile

source ""
gem 'dalli'
gem 'kramdown'
gem 'pagina', :git => 'git://'