Set of scripts that make PhantomJS's environment more similar to Node.js.
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Set of scripts that make PhantomJS environment more similar to Node.js. I implemented what I needed for my scripts. Feel free to add more.

Partially implemented features:

  • Experimental require() support for custom (not built into PhatnomJS) modules. Use relative or absolute paths to include your modules (i.e. they must start with ., .. or /).
  • Exceptions thrown from required files are properly reported (with file name and line number). Line number for .coffee files may not be accurate.
  • Global process object (some basic functionality + emits uncaughtException on exceptions that occur inside setTimeout blocks).
  • console with string formatting (e.g. console.log('hello %s', 'world')).
  • Some Node.js modules (see modules dir).
  • Other minor tweaks.

Some code taken from Node.js, CoffeeScript and mocha.

How to use


git clone git://

Inject in your PhantomJS script at the very first line:

    var nodify = 'phantomjs-nodify/nodify.js';

You must provide the path to nodify.js in the global nodify variable.

Then, wrap your script in

    var nodify = 'phantomjs-nodify/nodify.js';
    phantom.injectJs(nodify); {
      var assert = require('assert');
      var myModule = require('./mymodule');
      // your script here