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Update mark all checkbox to fit the new theme.

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commit dfdbc20c57dda8b1c687ca70b51d40c66a01ea6f 1 parent fbaf233
@stas authored
Showing with 2 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +2 −3 dependency-examples/emberjs_require/js/app/controllers/main.js
5 dependency-examples/emberjs_require/js/app/controllers/main.js
@@ -68,9 +68,8 @@ define('app/controllers/main', [
// Checkbox to mark all todos done.
allDoneCheckbox: Ember.Checkbox.create({
- classNames: ['mark-all-done'],
- title: "Mark all as complete",
- valueBinding: 'Todos.Controllers.main.allAreDone'
+ elementId: 'toggle-all',
+ checkedBinding: 'Todos.Controllers.main.allAreDone'
// Compile and render the todos view
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