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Voting platform powered by Stellar blockchain
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Privacy-first e-Voting platform powered by Stellar.


  • Inherit open blockchain trust in the e-voting system.
  • Lower operational costs by leveraging existing blockchain infrastructure.
  • Achieve privacy and verifiability for all voters.


  • 11.2019 - Start blockchain-based e-voting systems research.
  • 02.2020 - Create a journal article draft.
  • 02.2020 - Create a proof-of-concept application.
  • 03.2020 - Create a proof-of-concept service for creating general-purpose votings.
  • 04.2020 - Add vote encryption (preventing partial results before the end of voting).
  • 04.2020 - Add basic authN & authZ methods (cookie, IP address, one-time link, one-time code, email etc.).
  • 07.2020 - Finish service for creating general-purpose votings.
  • 07.2020 - Solve the scalability problems.
  • 08.2020 - Publish a journal article.
  • 08.2020 - Add domain-specific auth with OpenID Connect.
  • 10.2020 - Create a framework for creating domain-specific standalone votings.
  • 11.2020 - Find academic/government votings where such a system could be used.
  • 02.2021 - Host elections of Gdańsk University of Technology with Stellot.

Description: Stellot is a privacy-first e-voting system based on the Stellar network. We argue that the proposed system satisfies all requirements stated for robust e-voting systems such as transparency, verifiability, and voter anonymity/privacy. The system is designed in such a way, that voter is completely abstracted from blockchain technology used underneath. The voter privacy is achieved by the blind-signature technique on the stellar transaction, while the signer is protected by a cut-and-choose method. Open Stellar blockchain allows everyone to verify the election results without having to trust a central authority.

We would like to target all kinds of votings including general elections, domain-specific elections, straw polls, referendums, plebiscites. Maybe next SCF voting would be handled by Stellot?

I believe that this project is valuable for Stellar, mainly because it proves that Stellar can be used not only for asset tokenization and payments but also as a robust e-voting system backbone.

Deeper technical details are available in this draft of the article (should be finished in about month or two). We provide demo implementation for the proposed system under This general-purpose voting service is great for end-users votings, but we believe that our goal is also to digitize the academic/government votings. Such elections require domain-specific applications, and so we would like to create a framework for these types of solutions.


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