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Copyright (C) Stas'M Corp. 2012-2017

MIDIPLEX is an open source MIDI event editor written in Delphi 2010 for advanced users. It supports many MIDI-based file formats, different synthesizer types, technical specifications of SysEx commands, and conversion between different formats or file containers.

The main goal is to provide exclusive editing features that other sequencers don't, for example low level MIDI event modification, support for old and some exotic music formats, and much more! Note that you probably won't use this software for music creation from scratch, because it doesn't have "piano roll"-like interface, but an assembler-like listing of MIDI events. ;)

Project development was started in Apr 2012 by Stas'M and abandoned for long period of time. In June 2016 the source codes were published under GNU GPL v3 license, and development continued.

For more information see LICENSE file.