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MIDIPLEX v0.4.2-pre

  • Fixed minor GUI and event listing bugs
  • Updated conversion routines for many formats
  • Added feature to calculate song statistics
  • Implemented drag'n'drop feature to open files
  • Added command line parameters (help message, file name for opening, conversion feature)
  • Added recent files menu
  • Added MIDI recorder feature (using MIDI Input drivers)
  • Added feature to delete other tracks except selected
  • Updated event editor to show internal instrument names
  • Fixed bug in MUS (SND) format loader
  • Fixed bug in XMI to MID converter (implicit Note Off)
  • Player improvements:
    • Higher precision timer and event profiling
    • New feature to play song from selected position
    • New feature to play events step by step
    • Fixed bug in meta event check
  • New supported file formats:
    • ROL - AdLib Visual Composer
    • IMS - IMPlay AdLib Music (an AdLib MIDI/MUS fork)
    • SDB, AGD, M32 - Cryo HERAD System
    • SOP - Sopepos' Note Sequencer