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Revision history for Perl extension Feersum
0.961 Wed Oct 6 08:40:00 2010 -0700
Fix building under threaded perls.
Work around a bug (?) in 5.12.1 when declaring -DDEBUGGING.
0.96 Fri Oct 1 15:30:00 2010 -0700
Support Tatsumaki running under Feersum.
Content-Type is now in the CONTENT_TYPE env.
0.95 Fri Oct 1 13:45:00 2010 -0700
Specify Plack >= 0.995 version for testing & recommending
Experiment with close() rather than shutdown() for ending connections.
Actually install bin/feersum as a script
Fix coredumps/hangs due to improper refcounting.
Fix examples, Add a chat app example.
0.94 Thu Sep 30 22:45:00 2010 -0700
Major documentation rewrite.
Deprecated the "delayed response" part of the Feersum API in favor of the "streamed response" API.
Allow for tied variables in the response.
Move the IO::Handle response reading code into XS.
0.93 Tue Sep 29 01:30:00 2010 -0700
First CPAN release.
Redo PSGI streaming responses (mostly for code clarity).
Fixes for Perl 5.8.x
0.92 Tue Sep 28 22:18:01 2010 -0700
Support "Connection:close" style streaming for 1.0 clients.
Support IO::Handle-like responses for PSGI handlers.
0.91 Sun Sep 19 15:33:39 2010 -0700
Support running Feersum under plackup.
Remove AnyEvent::HTTP dependency.
Make $r->env() calls faster.
0.90 Mon Sep 6 16:35:00 2010
Initial PSGI 1.03 support (except for IO::Handle-like responses)
0.02 Fri Apr 23 10:55:54 2010
Renamed a good chunk of the functions & classes.
Made psgi.input and stream-writer objects separate from the main connection class.
0.01 Fri Apr 23 10:55:54 2010
Started project.
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