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1 parent 466f52c commit 0320f786d51eacaea0e1ea51302cc1e177f32881 @stash committed Apr 11, 2011
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  1. +11 −1 Feersum.xs
@@ -198,6 +198,7 @@ static void pump_io_handle (struct feer_conn *c, SV *io);
static void conn_write_ready (struct feer_conn *c);
static void respond_with_server_error(struct feer_conn *c, const char *msg, STRLEN msg_len, int code);
+static void update_wbuf_placeholder(struct feer_conn *c, SV *sv, struct iovec *iov);
static STRLEN add_sv_to_wbuf (struct feer_conn *c, SV *sv);
static STRLEN add_const_to_wbuf (struct feer_conn *c, const char const *str, size_t str_len);
#define add_crlf_to_wbuf(c) add_const_to_wbuf(c,CRLF,2)
@@ -370,14 +371,23 @@ add_placeholder_to_wbuf(struct feer_conn *c, SV **sv, struct iovec **iov_ref)
*iov_ref = &m->iov[idx];
static void
finish_wbuf(struct feer_conn *c)
if (!c->is_http11) return; // nothing required
add_const_to_wbuf(c, "0\r\n\r\n", 5); // terminating chunk
-#define update_wbuf_placeholder(c,sv,iov) iov->iov_base = SvPV(sv, iov->iov_len)
+static void
+update_wbuf_placeholder(struct feer_conn *c, SV *sv, struct iovec *iov)
+ STRLEN cur;
+ // can't pass iov_len for cur; incompatible pointer type on some systems:
+ iov->iov_base = SvPV(sv,cur);
+ iov->iov_len = cur;
static void
add_chunk_sv_to_wbuf(struct feer_conn *c, SV *sv)

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