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+ * slow headers
+ * slow bodies
+ * slow responses? (feasable? just let TCP do it?)
psgi.input streaming
* add a "read_cb()" method to the psgi.input handle as an extension? EV
gets to schedule the watcher in that case rather than bleeding the fd to
the handler.
+ * related: Connection: close bodies
+ * related: Transfer-Encoding: chunked bodies
+ * use close() rather than write(undef) to close-off a response
allow streaming responses to be HTTP/1.0 "Connection: close" rather than
HTTP/1.1 "Transfer-Encoding: chunked".
* maybe match up the streaming flavour with the request version?
-Handle requests that don't require a body.
+Handle requests that don't require a body (optional entities).
Better EV-callback error handling.
+Lazy I/O watcher initialization?
+Per-client "drain" and "completion" callbacks?
+Per-client data (for attaching guards).
+Translate sockaddr/etc. and put in env hash.
+Un-corked reads - should newly accepted handles wait or just try read right
+sendfile via libeio/IO::AIO ?
+multiple Feersum threads, one Perl thread?

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