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Welcome to the coding-dojo-test-it-first wiki!

This coding dojo training session was implemented by Stanislav Shevchenko ( for Accenture RDC event.

Event should be run in parallel with beer and snakes, preferable style is pair coding - where 1 dude is trying to implement minimum code to pass Unit Test and second id doing new Tests trying to find weak places (don't forget on platform (Java coding diff to Scala))

Expected experience for Auditory is

  • experts in web search :p
  • good in Java,
  • 2 - 8 hours experience in Scala
  • 0 in Groovy
  • 0 in Clojure

Event must be played/orchestrated by Sensei, who must be a Guru in Scala, Clojure, Groovy, Java, Functional Programming and TDD + BDD practices.

Target is: 1) Losing fear of polyglot environment - at the end U will have a working one on your Laptop - then first time of event (installation should be run in non-pair style) 2) Polyglot project - when the language shines? 3) Testing Frameworks for TDD and BDD

Lets Rock&Roll!

  1. Setup environment takes 10 minutes Environment
  2. Import the project 5 - 10 minutes Idea import
  3. Tasks: Ninja coder does
  4. Spoilers
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