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Interceptor that ties a progressbar to all requests, that it is clear that something is loading
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Module attaches interceptors to vue instance which controls progressbar on top of the screen.

Your vue instance should have this vue-progressbar plugin installed and connected.


$ npm i vue-resource-progressbar-interceptor

Then in your code:

const Vue = require('vue');
const VueResource = require('vue-resource');
const VueProgressBar = require('vue-progress-bar');
const VueResourceProgressBarInterceptor = require('vue-resource-progressbar-interceptor');



By default progressbar shows for every single request.

In order not to use progressbar for certain requests, use showProgressBar parameter in request.

Like this:

Vue.http.get('/url', { showProgressBar: false })

Configuration options:

Vue.use(VueResourceProgressBarInterceptor, {
  latencyThreshold: 100, // Number of ms before progressbar starts showing, 100 is default
  responseLatency: 50, // Number of ms before progressbar starts reacting to response, 50 is default
                       // Can be used to wait for more requests to kick in under single progress bar


This plugin was inspired by this angular.js version.

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