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What is it?

This library allows one to access Cisco routers and switches configuration via SNMP. Using SNMP access it triggers a command on the device that will upload the configuration file to the TFTP server specified.


require 'CiscoConfig'

cisco = => '', :comm => 'secretcommunity')
rnd = cisco.copy_from_cisco('', 'config/cisco0.conf')

This snipplet will tell the device accessible via '' to upload it's configuration to the TFTP sever at ''. The second argument of the copy_from_cisco method is the actual filename to save the configuration to. You should also specifiy the SNMP community configured on your device via the :comm keyword argument of the constructor.


The CiscoConfig class provides the following methods:

  • new(config = {}). The constructor accepts the Hash table containing the device access configuration. Specifically, the following options are supported right now:

    • :host -- the hostname of the device
    • :port -- the device SNMP port
    • :comm -- SNMP community name.
  • copy_from_cisco(tftp_host, tftp_file). This method triggers the device upload command. The configuration file will be uploaded to the host identified by tftp_host under the tftp_file filename. The destination directory of tftp_file should already exist. The method will return numerical ID of the command, which can be used to check for the status later.

  • get_status(id, timeout = 10). This method returns the status of the previous command identified by 'id'. It will wait up to timeout seconds for the operation to complete if it is in progress.


Send your comments and/or suggestions to