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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; This software is in the public domain and is
;;; provided with absolutely no warranty.
(in-package #:cl-openbox)
(defvar *api-key* "q6z66hyvukccv2r4lnc0j5umh87j30bh")
(defvar *auth-token* nil)
(defun rest-request (parameters)
:parameters `(("api_key" . ,*api-key*)
,@(when *auth-token*
`(("auth_token" . ,*auth-token*)))
(defun parse-xml (xml)
(cxml:parse xml (stp:make-builder)))
(defun get-response (xml)
(find-child "response" (parse-xml xml)))
(defun action (action-name &rest parameters)
(get-response (rest-request `(("action" . ,action-name)
,@(remove nil parameters)))))
(defun find-child (local-name xml)
(stp:find-child local-name xml :key #'stp:local-name :test #'equal))
(defun find-child-path (xml &rest local-names)
(loop for name in local-names
for node = (find-child name xml) then (find-child name node)
while node
finally (return node)))
(defun get-ticket ()
(find-child "ticket" (action "get_ticket"))))
(defun get-auth-token (ticket)
(find-child "auth_token"
(action "get_auth_token" `("ticket" . ,ticket)))))
(defun authenticate ()
(let ((ticket (get-ticket)))
(format t "Visit and authenticate."
(when (y-or-n-p "Press y afterwards.")
(setf *auth-token* (get-auth-token ticket)))))
(defun parse-file (xml)
(stp:with-attributes ((id "id")
(name "name")
(file-name "file_name")) xml
(list (or name file-name)
(defun parse-files (xml)
(stp:map-children 'list 'parse-file xml))
(defun parse-folders (xml)
(let* ((folder (find-child-path xml "tree" "folder"))
(folders (find-child "folders" folder))
(files (find-child "files" folder)))
(list (when folders
(list :folders (parse-files folders)))
(when files
(list :files (parse-files files))))))
(defun list-files (&optional (folder-id "0"))
(action "get_account_tree"
`("folder_id" . ,folder-id)
'("params[]" . "nozip")
'("params[]" . "simple")
'("params[]" . "onelevel"))))
(defun upload (content &key name (folder "0") share)
"content may be a file-name, a sequence of octets, a binary input stream."
(let* ((content (if (stringp content)
(pathname content)
(name (or name
(typecase content
(pathname (file-namestring content))
(file-stream (pathname content))
(t (error "Unable to determine name for ~a"
(type-of content)))))))
(find-child "files"
(format nil ""
*auth-token* folder)
:method :post
:content-length t
:parameters `(("file" ,content :filename ,name)
,@(if share '(("share" . "1"))))))))))
(defun download (file-id save-into)
(let ((file (drakma:http-request
(format nil ""
*auth-token* file-id))))
(when file
(with-open-file (stream save-into :direction :output
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(write-sequence file stream)))
(defun delete (id &key folder)
(action "delete"
(cons "target_id" id)
(cons "target"
(if folder
(defun rename (id new-name &key folder)
(action "rename"
(cons "target_id" id)
(cons "new_name" new-name)
(cons "target"
(if folder
(defun parse-create-folder (xml)
(let ((id (find-child-path xml "folder" "folder_id")))
(when id
(stp:string-value id))))
(defun create-folder (name &key (parent-id "0") share)
(action "create_folder"
(cons "name" name)
(cons "parent_id" parent-id)
(cons "share"
(if share