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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; This software is in the public domain and is
;;; provided with absolutely no warranty.
(in-package #:clim-chess)
(defclass chess-engine ()
((stream :initform nil
:accessor engine-stream)))
(defgeneric init-engine (engine))
(defgeneric stop-engine (engine))
(defgeneric reset-engine (engine))
(defgeneric send-move (engine from to))
(defgeneric receive-answer (engine &optional hang))
(defmethod init-engine ((engine symbol))
(init-engine (make-instance engine)))
(defun encode-move (from to)
(concatenate 'string
(square-keyword from)
(square-keyword to)))
(defun decode-move (move)
(keyword-square (subseq move 0 2))
(keyword-square (subseq move 2))))
(defun poll-answer (engine function &optional (timeout 0.1))
(loop when (receive-answer engine) return it
do (funcall function)
(sleep timeout)))
;;; Macros
(defmacro defcommand (name (class &rest args) &body body)
`(defmethod ,name ((engine ,class) ,@args)
(with-accessors ((stream engine-stream)) engine
(multiple-value-prog1 (progn ,@body)
(force-output stream)))))
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