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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; This software is in the public domain and is
;;; provided with absolutely no warranty.
(in-package #:ogg)
(define-binary-type utf8-string (length)
(:reader (in)
(read-value 'vector in :length length)
:encoding :utf-8))
(:writer (out value)))
(define-tagged-binary-class vorbis ()
((packet-type u1)
(magick (ascii-string :length 6)))
(ecase packet-type
(1 'vorbis-id-header)
(3 'vorbis-comment-header)
(5 'vorbis-setup-header))))
(define-binary-class vorbis-id-header (vorbis)
((version u4)
(audio-channels u1)
(audio-sample-rate u4)
(bitrate-maximum u4)
(bitrate-nominal u4)
(bitrate-minimum u4)
(block-size u1)
(framing-flag u1)))
(define-binary-class comment ()
((comment-length u4)
(comment (utf8-string :length comment-length))))
(defun parse-comment-string (string)
(let ((=-position (position #\= string)))
(assert (numberp =-position))
(list (intern (nstring-upcase (subseq string 0 =-position)) :keyword)
(subseq string (1+ =-position)))))
(defun format-comments (comments)
(loop for (key value) on comments by #'cddr
collect (format nil "~:@(~a~)=~a" key value)))
(define-binary-type comments (length)
(:reader (in)
(loop repeat length
nconc (parse-comment-string
(comment (read-value 'comment in)))))
(:writer (out value)))
(define-binary-type n-things (length thing)
(:reader (in)
(loop repeat length
collect (read-value thing in)))
(:writer (out value)))
(define-binary-class vorbis-comment-header (vorbis)
((vendor-length u4)
(vendor-string (utf8-string :length vendor-length))
(comments-length u4)
(comments (comments :length comments-length))
(framing-flag u1)))
(define-binary-class vorbis-setup-header (vorbis)
((vorbis-codebook-count u1)
(codebooks (n-things :thing 'codebook
:length (1+ vorbis-codebook-count)))))
(define-binary-class codebook ()
((sync-pattern u3)
(dimensions u2)
(codebook-length u3)
(ordered 1-bit)
(codebooks (codebook-entries :length codebook-length
:ordered ordered))
(lookup-type (n-bits :n 4))
(lookup (lookup :type lookup-type
:length codebook-length
:dimensions dimensions))))
(defun read-unordered-codebook-entries (length stream)
(let ((result (make-array length)))
(loop for i below length
with sparse = (read-bit stream)
do (setf (aref result i)
(if (and sparse
(not (read-bit stream)))
(1+ (read-n-bits 5 stream)))))
(defun read-ordered-codebook-entries (length stream)
(let ((result (make-array length)))
(loop for current-length from (1+ (read-n-bits 5 stream))
for current-entry = 0 then (+ current-entry number)
for number = (cond ((> current-entry length)
(error "Can't happen"))
((= current-entry length)
(read-n-bits (integer-length (- length current-entry)) stream)))
(loop for i from current-entry below (+ current-entry number)
do (setf (aref result i) current-length)))
(define-binary-type codebook-entries (length ordered)
(:reader (in)
(if ordered
(read-ordered-codebook-entries length in)
(read-unordered-codebook-entries length in)))
(:writer (out value)))
(defun lookup1-values (length dimensions)
(let ((r (floor (exp (/ (log length) dimensions)))))
(if (>= length (expt (1+ r) dimensions))
(1+ r)
(defun read-lookup-values (type length dimensions stream)
(let* ((min (read-value 'u4 stream))
(delta (read-value 'u4 stream))
(bits (1+ (read-n-bits 4 stream)))
(sequencep (read-bit stream))
(size (if (= type 1)
(lookup1-values length dimensions)
(* length dimensions)))
(result (make-array size)))
(loop for i below size
do (setf (aref result i)
(read-n-bits bits stream)))
(define-binary-type lookup (type length dimensions)
(:reader (in)
(ecase type
((1 2)
(read-lookup-values type length dimensions in))))
(:writer (out value)))