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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; This software is in the public domain and is
;;; provided with absolutely no warranty.
(in-package #:rtorrent-gui)
(named-readtables:in-readtable :qt)
(defvar *qapp* nil)
(defclass torrent ()
((hash :initarg :hash
:initform nil
:accessor hash)
(name :initarg :name
:initform nil
:accessor name)
(imdb-id :initarg :imdb-id
:initform nil
:accessor imdb-id)
(tracking-object :initarg :tracking-object
:initform nil
:accessor tracking-object)
(completed :initarg :completed
:initform nil
:accessor completed)))
(defmethod object-description ((torrent torrent) &key)
(with-slots (name tracking-object) torrent
(if tracking-object
(object-description tracking-object)
(defvar *torrents* nil)
(defvar *torrents-to-tracking*
'(("A24ECB836E1AC4AEFF9E0A758A450F8320187A5F" . 53946)))
(defun gui ()
(unless *qapp*
(setf *qapp* (make-qapplication)))
(let ((window (make-instance 'main-window)))
(#_show window)
(#_exec *qapp*))
(when (timer window)
(#_stop (timer window)))
(#_hide window))))
(defun find-tracking-object (imdb-id)
(storage:lookup 'tracking:movie
(storage:where 'tracking:imdb-id imdb-id))))
(defclass torrent-list (list-widget)
(:metaclass qt-class)
(:qt-superclass "QTreeView")
("startTorrent()" start-torrent)
("stopTorrent()" stop-torrent)
("removeTorrent()" remove-torrent))
:header '("Name" "Left to download" "Status")))
(defclass main-window ()
((torrents :initform nil
:accessor torrents)
(torrent-list :initform nil
:accessor torrent-list)
(status-fields :initarg :status-fields
:initform nil
:accessor status-fields)
(timer :initform nil
:accessor timer))
(:metaclass qt-class)
(:qt-superclass "QMainWindow")
(:slots ("search(QString)" search-torrent)
("statusUpdate()" status-update)
("changeMaxUp(int)" change-max-up)
("changeMaxDown(int)" change-max-down)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((window main-window) &key)
(new window)
(setf (torrents window) (list-torrent-objects)
(timer window) (#_new QTimer window))
;(make-torrent-list (torrents window))
(let* ((central-widget (#_new QWidget window))
(vbox (#_new QVBoxLayout central-widget))
(list (make-instance 'torrent-list
:items (torrents window)
:selection-behavior :rows))
(search (#_new QLineEdit))
(status-bar (add-status-bar window))
(tab-widget (#_new QTabWidget)))
(#_setCentralWidget window central-widget)
(setf (torrent-list window) list)
(add-widgets vbox search tab-widget status-bar)
(#_addTab tab-widget list "All")
(connect search "textEdited(QString)" window "search(QString)")))
(defun ensure-torrent (hash name)
(or (find hash *torrents* :key #'hash :test #'equal)
(car (push (make-instance 'torrent :hash hash :name name)
(defun list-torrents-humanly ()
'(2 format-bytes
3 state-description
4 format-bytes)
(defun list-torrent-objects ()
(loop for (hash name . rest) in (list-torrents-humanly)
collect (list* (ensure-torrent hash name) rest)))
(defun add-permanent-widgets (status-bar &rest widgets)
(loop for widget in widgets
do (#_addPermanentWidget status-bar widget)))
(defun add-status-bar (window)
(let* ((status-bar (#_new QStatusBar))
(max-up (#_new QSpinBox))
(max-down (#_new QSpinBox))
(timer (timer window)))
(setf (status-fields window)
(list :up-rate (#_new QLabel)
:max-up max-up
:down-rate (#_new QLabel)
:max-down max-down))
(#_setSingleStep max-up 50)
(#_setSingleStep max-down 50)
(#_setMaximum max-up 10000)
(#_setMaximum max-down 10000)
(connect max-up "valueChanged(int)" window "changeMaxUp(int)")
(connect max-down "valueChanged(int)" window "changeMaxDown(int)")
(loop for (nil widget) on (status-fields window) by #'cddr
do (add-permanent-widgets status-bar widget))
(connect timer "timeout()" window (qslot "statusUpdate()"))
(#_start timer 1000)
(defun status-update (window)
(destructuring-bind (&key up-rate max-up down-rate max-down)
(status-fields window)
(with-signals-blocked (max-up max-down)
(destructuring-bind (v-up-rate v-down-rate v-max-up v-max-down)
(#_setText up-rate
(format nil "U: ~10@a" (format-bytes v-up-rate)))
(#_setText down-rate
(format nil "D: ~10@a" (format-bytes v-down-rate)))
(#_setValue max-up (floor v-max-up 1024))
(#_setValue max-down (floor v-max-down 1024))))))
(defun search-torrent (window text)
(let ((text (string-trim '(#\Space #\Newline #\Return #\Tab) text))
(torrents (torrents window)))
(setf (items (torrent-list window))
(if (equal "" text)
(lambda (torrent)
(search text (object-description torrent) :test #'char-equal))
:key #'car)))))
(defmethod display-menu ((widget torrent-list) item)
(let ((menu (#_new QMenu)))
(#_addAction menu "Stop" widget (QSLOT "stopTorrent()"))
(#_addAction menu "Start" widget (QSLOT "startTorrent()"))
(#_addAction menu "Remove torrent" widget (QSLOT "removeTorrent()"))
(defun stop-torrent (torrent-list)
(loop for (hash) in (selected-items torrent-list)
do (stop hash)))
(defun start-torrent (torrent-list)
(loop for (hash) in (selected-items torrent-list)
do (start hash)))
(defun remove-torrent (torrent-list)
(loop for (torrent) in (selected-items torrent-list)
do (erase (hash torrent))))
(defun change-max-up (window value)
(declare (ignore window))
(set-upload-rate (* value 1024)))
(defun change-max-down (window value)
(declare (ignore window))
(set-download-rate (* value 1024)))
(defmethod view-item ((list torrent-list) item)
(#_show (make-instance 'details :torrent (car item))))
(defclass file-list (list-widget)
(:metaclass qt-class)
(:qt-superclass "QTreeView")
:header '("Name" "Size" "Priority")))
(defclass details ()
((torrent :initarg :torrent
:initform nil
:accessor torrent)
(files :initarg :files
:initform nil
:accessor files)
(file-list :initform nil
:accessor file-list))
(:metaclass qt-class)
(:qt-superclass "QDialog")
(:slots ("search(QString)" search-file)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((window details) &key torrent)
(new window)
(setf (files window) (list-files-with-bytes (hash torrent)))
(let ((vbox (#_new QVBoxLayout window))
(list (make-instance 'file-list
:items (files window)))
(search (#_new QLineEdit)))
(setf (file-list window) list)
(when (tracking-object torrent)
(tracking-qt:add-link vbox (tracking-object torrent)))
(add-widgets vbox search list)
(connect search "textEdited(QString)"
window "search(QString)")))
(defun list-files-with-bytes (torrent)
'(1 format-bytes
2 priority-description)
(list-files-with-size torrent)))
(defun search-file (window text)
(let ((text (string-trim '(#\Space #\Newline #\Return #\Tab) text))
(files (files window)))
(setf (items (file-list window))
(if (equal "" text)
(lambda (string)
(search text string :test #'char-equal))
:key #'car)))))
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