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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
(in-package #:storage)
(defvar *statistics* ())
(defun collect-stats (code)
(let* ((type (aref *codes* code))
(cons (assoc type *statistics*)))
(if cons
(incf (cdr cons))
(push (cons type 1) *statistics*))
(defvar *indexes*)
(declaim (simple-vector *indexes*))
(defvar *read-packages*)
(defvar *read-symbols*)
(declaim (vector *read-packages* *read-symbols*))
(defvar *write-packages*)
(defvar *write-symbols*)
(declaim (hash-table *write-packages* *write-symbols*))
(defparameter *readers* (make-array (length *codes*)))
(declaim (type (simple-array function (*)) *readers*))
(defmacro defreader (type (stream) &body body)
(let ((name (intern (format nil "~a-~a" type '#:reader))))
(defun ,name (,stream)
(setf (aref *readers* ,(type-code type))
(declaim (inline call-reader))
(defun call-reader (code stream)
;; (collect-stats code)
(funcall (aref *readers* code) stream))
(declaim (inline get-instance))
(defun get-instance (id)
(aref *indexes* id))
(defun slot-effective-definition (class slot-name)
(find slot-name (class-slots class) :key #'slot-definition-name))
(defgeneric write-object (object stream))
(defun assign-ids ()
(let ((last-id 0))
(declare (fixnum last-id))
(lambda (class objects)
(let ((slot (slot-definition-location (find-slot 'id class))))
(dolist (object objects)
(setf (standard-instance-access object slot) last-id)
(incf last-id)))))))
(defun number-of-non-empty-classes (storage)
(count-if #'objects-of-class
(storage-data storage)))
(defun write-classes-info (stream)
(write-n-bytes (number-of-non-empty-classes *storage*)
+sequence-length+ stream)
(lambda (class objects)
(write-storable-class class stream)
(write-n-bytes (length objects)
+id-length+ stream))))
(defun dump-data (stream)
(write-classes-info stream)
(lambda (class objects)
(let ((slots (slot-locations-and-initforms class))
(bytes-for-slots (number-of-bytes-for-slots class)))
(dolist (object objects)
(write-standard-object object slots bytes-for-slots stream))))))
(declaim (inline read-next-object))
(defun read-next-object (stream)
(call-reader (read-n-bytes 1 stream) stream))
;;; NIL
(defmethod write-object ((object null) stream)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'null) 1 stream))
(defreader null (stream)
(declare (ignore stream))
;;; T
(defmethod write-object ((object (eql t)) stream)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code t) 1 stream))
(defreader t (stream)
(declare (ignore stream))
;;; Symbol
(defmacro with-writing-packages (&body body)
`(let ((*write-packages* (make-hash-table :test #'eq))
(*write-symbols* (make-hash-table :test #'eq
:size 256)))
(defmacro with-reading-packages (&body body)
`(let ((*read-packages* (make-s-packages))
(*read-symbols* (make-s-symbols)))
(defun make-s-packages ()
(make-array 16 :adjustable t :fill-pointer 0))
(defun make-s-symbols ()
(make-array 256 :adjustable t :fill-pointer 0))
(defun make-s-package (package)
(vector-push-extend package *read-packages*))
(defun find-s-package-for-writing (package)
(or (gethash package *write-packages*)
(values (setf (gethash package *write-packages*)
(hash-table-count *write-packages*))
(defun s-intern-for-writing (symbol)
(multiple-value-bind (package-id new-package)
(find-s-package-for-writing (symbol-package symbol))
(let* ((existing (and (not new-package)
(gethash symbol *write-symbols*)))
(symbol-id (or existing
(setf (gethash symbol *write-symbols*)
(hash-table-count *write-symbols*)))))
(values package-id symbol-id
(not existing)))))
(defun s-intern-existing (symbol)
(vector-push-extend symbol *read-symbols*)
(defmethod write-object ((symbol symbol) stream)
(multiple-value-bind (package-id symbol-id new-package new-symbol)
(s-intern-for-writing symbol)
(cond ((and new-package new-symbol)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'intern-package-and-symbol) 1 stream)
(write-object (package-name (symbol-package symbol)) stream)
(write-object (symbol-name symbol) stream))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'intern-symbol) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes package-id +sequence-length+ stream)
(write-object (symbol-name symbol) stream))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'symbol) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes symbol-id +sequence-length+ stream)))))
(defreader symbol (stream)
(let* ((symbol-id (read-n-bytes +sequence-length+ stream))
(symbol (aref *read-symbols* symbol-id)))
(or symbol
(error "Symbol with id ~a is not found" symbol-id))))
(defreader intern-package-and-symbol (stream)
(let* ((package-name (read-next-object stream))
(symbol-name (read-next-object stream))
(package (or (find-package package-name)
(error "Package ~a not found" package-name))))
(make-s-package package)
(s-intern-existing (intern symbol-name package))))
(defreader intern-symbol (stream)
(let* ((package-id (read-n-bytes +sequence-length+ stream))
(symbol-name (read-next-object stream))
(package (or (aref *read-packages* package-id)
(error "Package with id ~a for symbol ~a not found"
package-id symbol-name))))
(s-intern-existing (intern symbol-name package))))
;;; Integer
(declaim (inline write-fixnum))
(defun write-fixnum (n stream)
(declare (storage-fixnum n))
(write-n-signed-bytes n +fixnum-length+ stream))
(defun write-fixnum-1 (n stream)
(declare (storage-fixnum n))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'fixnum-1) 1 stream)
(write-n-signed-bytes n 1 stream))
(defun write-fixnum-2 (n stream)
(declare (storage-fixnum n))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'fixnum-2) 1 stream)
(write-n-signed-bytes n 2 stream))
(defun write-fixnum-3 (n stream)
(declare (storage-fixnum n))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'fixnum-3) 1 stream)
(write-n-signed-bytes n 3 stream))
(declaim (inline sign))
(defun sign (n)
(if (minusp n)
(defun write-bignum (n stream)
(declare (type (and integer (not storage-fixnum)) n))
(write-n-bytes (sign n) 1 stream)
(let* ((fixnum-bits (* +fixnum-length+ 8))
(n (abs n))
(size (ceiling (integer-length n) fixnum-bits)))
(write-n-bytes size 1 stream)
(loop for position by fixnum-bits below (* size fixnum-bits)
(write-n-bytes (ldb (byte fixnum-bits position) n)
+fixnum-length+ stream))))
(defmethod write-object ((object integer) stream)
(typecase object
((signed-byte 8)
(write-fixnum-1 object stream))
((signed-byte 16)
(write-fixnum-2 object stream))
((signed-byte 24)
(write-fixnum-3 object stream))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'fixnum) 1 stream)
(write-fixnum object stream))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'bignum) 1 stream)
(write-bignum object stream))))
(declaim (inline read-sign))
(defun read-sign (stream)
(if (plusp (read-n-bytes 1 stream))
(defreader bignum (stream)
(let ((fixnum-bits (* +fixnum-length+ 8))
(sign (read-sign stream))
(size (read-n-bytes 1 stream))
(integer 0))
(loop for position by fixnum-bits below (* size fixnum-bits)
(setf (ldb (byte fixnum-bits position) integer)
(read-n-bytes +fixnum-length+ stream)))
(* sign integer)))
(defreader fixnum (stream)
(read-n-signed-bytes +fixnum-length+ stream))
(defreader fixnum-1 (stream)
(read-n-signed-bytes 1 stream))
(defreader fixnum-2 (stream)
(read-n-signed-bytes 2 stream))
(defreader fixnum-3 (stream)
(read-n-signed-bytes 3 stream))
;;; Ratio
(defmethod write-object ((n ratio) stream)
(let ((numerator (numerator n))
(denominator (denominator n)))
(cond ((and (typep numerator 'storage-fixnum)
(typep denominator 'storage-fixnum))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'fixnum-ratio) 1 stream)
(write-fixnum numerator stream)
(write-fixnum denominator stream))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'ratio) 1 stream)
(write-object numerator stream)
(write-object denominator stream)))))
(defreader fixnum-ratio (stream)
(/ (the storage-fixnum (fixnum-reader stream))
(the storage-fixnum (fixnum-reader stream))))
(defreader ratio (stream)
(/ (read-next-object stream)
(read-next-object stream)))
;;; Float
(defmethod write-object ((float float) stream)
(etypecase float
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'single-float) 1 stream)
(write-single-float float stream))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'double-float) 1 stream)
(write-double-float float stream))))
(defreader single-float (stream)
(read-single-float stream))
(defreader double-float (stream)
(read-double-float stream))
;;; Complex
(defmethod write-object ((complex complex) stream)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'complex) 1 stream)
(write-object (realpart complex) stream)
(write-object (imagpart complex) stream))
(defreader complex (stream)
(complex (read-next-object stream)
(read-next-object stream)))
;;; Characters
(defmethod write-object ((character character) stream)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'character) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes (char-code character) +char-length+ stream))
(defreader character (stream)
(code-char (read-n-bytes +char-length+ stream)))
;;; Strings
(defun write-ascii-string (string stream)
(declare (simple-string string))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'ascii-string) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes (length string) +sequence-length+ stream)
(write-ascii-non-base-string-optimized string stream))
(defun write-multibyte-string (string stream)
(declare (simple-string string))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'string) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes (length string) +sequence-length+ stream)
(write-multibyte-string-optimized string stream))
(defmethod write-object ((string string) stream)
(etypecase string
((not simple-string)
#+(and sb-unicode (or x86 x86-64 arm arm64))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'ascii-string) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes (length string) +sequence-length+ stream)
(write-ascii-string-optimized string stream))
(write-ascii-string string stream))
(write-multibyte-string string stream))))
(defreader ascii-string (stream)
(let* ((length (read-n-bytes +sequence-length+ stream))
(string (make-string length :element-type 'base-char)))
(read-ascii-string-optimized length string stream)
(defreader string (stream)
(let* ((length (read-n-bytes +sequence-length+ stream))
(string (make-string length :element-type 'character)))
(read-multibyte-string-optimized length string stream)
;;; Pathname
(defmethod write-object ((pathname pathname) stream)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'pathname) 1 stream)
(write-object (pathname-name pathname) stream)
(write-object (pathname-directory pathname) stream)
(write-object (pathname-device pathname) stream)
(write-object (pathname-type pathname) stream)
(write-object (pathname-version pathname) stream))
(defreader pathname (stream)
:name (read-next-object stream)
:directory (read-next-object stream)
:device (read-next-object stream)
:type (read-next-object stream)
:version (read-next-object stream)))
;;; Cons
(defun circular-list-p (list)
(or (eq list (cdr list))
(do ((fast (cdr list) (cddr fast))
(slow list (cdr slow)))
(unless (and (consp fast) (listp (cdr fast)))
(when (eq fast slow)
(return t)))))
(defmethod write-object ((list cons) stream)
(cond ((circular-list-p list)
(error "Can't store circular lists"))
((list-of-objects-p list)
(write-list-of-objects list stream))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'cons) 1 stream)
(write-cons list stream))))
(defun write-cons (cons stream)
(loop for cdr = cons then (cdr cdr)
(typecase cdr
(write-object (car cdr) stream))
(write-n-bytes +end+ 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes +improper-list-end+ 1 stream)
(write-object cdr stream)
(defreader cons (stream)
(let ((first-cons (list (read-next-object stream))))
(loop for previous-cons = first-cons then new-cons
for car = (let ((id (read-n-bytes 1 stream)))
(cond ((eq id +improper-list-end+)
(setf (cdr previous-cons)
(read-next-object stream))
((eq id +end+)
((call-reader id stream))))
for new-cons = (list car)
do (setf (cdr previous-cons) new-cons))
;;; list-of-objects
(defun list-of-objects-p (list)
(loop for cdr = list then (cdr cdr)
while cdr
always (and (consp cdr) (typep (car cdr) 'standard-object))))
(defun write-list-of-objects (list stream)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'list-of-objects) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes (length list) +sequence-length+ stream)
(dolist (object list)
(write-n-bytes (fast-id object)
+id-length+ stream)))
(defreader list-of-objects (stream)
(loop repeat (read-n-bytes +sequence-length+ stream)
for id = (read-n-bytes +id-length+ stream)
collect (get-instance id)))
;;; vector
(declaim (inline bit-test))
(defun bit-test (byte index)
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) byte)
(type (integer 0 31) index))
(ldb-test (byte 1 index) byte))
(declaim (inline read-fill-pointer))
(defun read-fill-pointer (byte stream)
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 8) byte))
(and (bit-test byte 0)
(read-n-bytes +vector-length+ stream)))
(defmethod write-object ((vector vector) stream)
(typecase vector
(write-simple-vector vector stream))
(write-vector vector stream))))
(defun write-vector (vector stream)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'vector) 1 stream)
(let ((byte 0)
(fp (array-has-fill-pointer-p vector))
(type (array-element-type vector)))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 8) byte))
(when fp
(setf byte 1))
(when (adjustable-array-p vector)
(setf (ldb (byte 1 1) byte) 1))
(when (eq type t)
(setf (ldb (byte 1 2) byte) 1))
(write-n-bytes byte 1 stream)
(when fp
(write-n-bytes (fill-pointer vector) +vector-length+ stream))
(unless (eq type t)
(write-object (array-element-type vector) stream))
(write-n-bytes (length vector) +vector-length+ stream)
(loop for i below (length vector)
do (write-object (aref vector i) stream))))
(defreader vector (stream)
(let* ((byte (read-n-bytes 1 stream))
(fill-pointer (read-fill-pointer byte stream))
(length (read-n-bytes +vector-length+ stream))
(vector (make-array length
:fill-pointer fill-pointer
:element-type (if (bit-test byte 2)
(read-next-object stream))
:adjustable (bit-test byte 1))))
(loop for i below length
do (setf (aref vector i) (read-next-object stream)))
;;; Simple-vector
(defun write-simple-vector (vector stream)
(declare (simple-vector vector))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'simple-vector) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes (length vector) +sequence-length+ stream)
(loop for elt across vector
do (write-object elt stream)))
(defreader simple-vector (stream)
(let ((vector (make-array (read-n-bytes +sequence-length+ stream))))
(loop for i below (length vector)
do (setf (svref vector i) (read-next-object stream)))
;;; Array
(defmethod write-object ((array array) stream)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'array) 1 stream)
(let ((byte 0)
(type (array-element-type array)))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 8) byte))
(when (adjustable-array-p array)
(setf (ldb (byte 1 0) byte) 1))
(when (eq type t)
(setf (ldb (byte 1 1) byte) 1))
(write-n-bytes byte 1 stream)
(unless (eq type t)
(write-object (array-element-type array) stream))
(write-cons (array-dimensions array) stream)
(loop for i below (array-total-size array)
do (write-object (row-major-aref array i) stream))))
(defreader array (stream)
(let* ((byte (read-n-bytes 1 stream))
(array (make-array (cons-reader stream)
:element-type (if (bit-test byte 1)
(read-next-object stream))
:adjustable (bit-test byte 0))))
(loop for i below (array-total-size array)
do (setf (row-major-aref array i) (read-next-object stream)))
;;; Hash-table
(defvar *hash-table-tests* #(eql equal equalp eq))
(declaim (simple-vector *hash-table-tests*))
(defun check-hash-table-test (hash-table)
(let* ((test (hash-table-test hash-table))
(test-id (position test *hash-table-tests*)))
(unless test-id
(error "Only standard hashtable tests are supported, ~a has ~a"
hash-table test))
(defmethod write-object ((hash-table hash-table) stream)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'hash-table) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes (check-hash-table-test hash-table) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes (hash-table-size hash-table) +hash-table-length+ stream)
(loop for key being the hash-keys of hash-table
using (hash-value value)
(write-object key stream)
(write-object value stream))
(write-n-bytes +end+ 1 stream))
(defreader hash-table (stream)
(let* ((test (svref *hash-table-tests* (read-n-bytes 1 stream)))
(size (read-n-bytes +hash-table-length+ stream))
(table (make-hash-table :test test :size size)))
(loop for id = (read-n-bytes 1 stream)
until (eq id +end+)
do (setf (gethash (call-reader id stream) table)
(read-next-object stream)))
;;; storable-class
(defun prepare-classes (stream)
(loop repeat (read-n-bytes +sequence-length+ stream)
for class = (read-storable-class stream)
for length = (read-n-bytes +id-length+ stream)
collect (cons class length) into info
sum length into array-length
(let ((array (make-array array-length)))
(preallocate-objects array info)
(return (values array info)))))
(defun write-storable-class (class stream)
(write-object (class-name class) stream)
(unless (class-finalized-p class)
(finalize-inheritance class))
(let ((slots (slots-to-store class)))
(write-n-bytes (length slots) +slots-length+ stream)
(loop for slot across slots
do (write-object (slot-definition-name slot)
(defun read-storable-class (stream)
(let ((class (find-class (read-next-object stream))))
(unless (class-finalized-p class)
(finalize-inheritance class))
(setf (objects-of-class class) nil)
(let* ((length (read-n-bytes +slots-length+ stream))
(old-vector (slot-locations-and-initforms-read class))
(vector (if (= length (length old-vector))
(make-array length))))
(loop for i below length
for slot-name = (read-next-object stream)
for slot-d = (or (slot-effective-definition class slot-name)
(cerror "Skip this slot"
"No slot named ~a in ~a"
class slot-name))
for location = (and slot-d (slot-definition-location slot-d))
for initiform = (and slot-d (slot-definition-initform slot-d))
for old-value = (aref vector i)
unless (and (consp old-value)
(eql (car old-value) location)
(eql (cdr old-value) initiform))
(setf (aref vector i) (cons location initiform)))
(setf (slot-locations-and-initforms-read class) vector))
;;; identifiable
(defmethod write-object ((object identifiable) stream)
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'identifiable) 1 stream)
(write-n-bytes (fast-id object) +id-length+ stream))
(defreader identifiable (stream)
(get-instance (read-n-bytes +id-length+ stream)))
;;; standard-object
(declaim (inline make-slot-map))
(defun make-slot-map (object slots)
(declare (simple-vector slots))
(let ((map 0))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) map))
(loop for i from (1- (length slots)) downto 0
for (location . initform) = (aref slots i)
for value = (standard-instance-access object location)
do (setf map
(if (eql value initform)
(the (unsigned-byte 32) (ash map 1))
(the (unsigned-byte 32) (+ map map 1)))))
(defun write-standard-object (object slots bytes-for-slots stream)
(declare (simple-vector slots))
(let ((map (make-slot-map object slots)))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) map))
(write-n-bytes map bytes-for-slots stream)
(loop for slot-id of-type (integer 0 32) from 0
while (plusp map)
when (oddp map)
(standard-instance-access object (car (aref slots slot-id)))
do (setf map (ash map -1)))))
(defun read-standard-object (object slots bytes-for-slots stream)
(declare (simple-vector slots))
(let ((map (read-n-bytes bytes-for-slots stream)))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) map))
(loop for slot-id of-type (integer 0 32) from 0
while (plusp map)
when (oddp map)
do (setf (standard-instance-access object
(car (aref slots slot-id)))
(read-next-object stream))
do (setf map (ash map -1)))))
(defun read-file (file)
(with-io-file (stream file)
(multiple-value-bind (array info) (prepare-classes stream)
(declare (simple-vector array))
(let ((*indexes* array))
(loop with i = 0
for (class . n) of-type (t . fixnum) in info
for slots = (slot-locations-and-initforms-read class)
for bytes-for-slots = (number-of-bytes-for-slots class)
(loop repeat n
for instance = (aref array i)
(incf i)
(read-standard-object instance slots bytes-for-slots
(defun db-changed-after-load-p (storage)
(and (load-time storage)
(> (file-write-date (storage-file storage))
(load-time storage))))
(defun load-data (storage &optional file)
(let* ((*storage* storage)
(file (or file (storage-file *storage*)))
(time (or (file-write-date file)
(read-file file))
(setf (modified storage) nil
(load-time storage) time
(sentinel storage) (list t))
(defun save-data (storage &optional (file (storage-file storage)))
(let ((*storage* storage)
(when (storage-data storage)
(when (probe-file file)
(setf backup-file
(rename-file file
(make-pathname :name (format nil ".~a" (pathname-name file))
:defaults file))))
(with-io-file (stream file
:direction :output)
(dump-data stream)))
(setf normal-exit t))
(cond ((not backup-file))
(delete-file backup-file))
(rename-file backup-file file))))
(setf (modified storage) nil
(load-time storage) (get-universal-time))