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(in-package #:storage)
(declaim (inline fast-allocate-instance))
(defun fast-allocate-instance (wrapper initforms)
(declare (simple-vector initforms))
(let ((instance (sb-pcl::%make-standard-instance
(copy-seq initforms) 0)))
(setf (sb-pcl::std-instance-wrapper instance) wrapper)
(defun preallocate-objects (array info)
(declare (simple-vector array)
(optimize speed))
(loop with index = 0
for (class . length) in info
for initforms = (class-initforms class)
for wrapper = (sb-pcl::class-wrapper class)
(setf (objects-of-class class)
(loop repeat (the fixnum length)
for instance = (fast-allocate-instance wrapper initforms)
collect instance
(setf (aref array index) instance)
(incf index)))))
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