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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; This software is in the public domain and is
;;; provided with absolutely no warranty.
(in-package #:subtitles.microdvd)
(defun read-integer (stream stop-character)
(loop for char = (read-char stream)
for digit = (digit-char-p char)
while digit
for result = digit then (+ (* result 10) digit)
finally (progn
(assert (char= stop-character char))
(return result))))
(defun read-fragment-number (stream)
(assert (char= (read-char stream) #\{))
(read-integer stream #\}))
(defun read-text (stream)
(read-line stream))
(defun read-fragment (stream)
(let ((fragment (make-instance 'fragment-by-frame)))
(with-slots (text start end) fragment
(setf start (read-fragment-number stream)
end (read-fragment-number stream)
text (read-text stream))
(defun write-fragment-number (fragment stream)
(format stream "{~a}{~a}"
(start fragment)
(end fragment)))
(defun write-fragment (fragment stream)
(write-fragment-number fragment stream)
(write-line (text fragment) stream))
(defmethod read-subtitles ((type (eql 'microdvd)) stream)
(make-instance 'subtitles :contents
(loop while (listen stream)
collect (read-fragment stream))))
(defmethod write-subtitles ((type (eql 'microdvd)) subtitles stream)
(loop for fragment in (contents subtitles)
do (write-fragment fragment stream)))
(defmethod external-format ((type (eql 'microdvd))
&optional (encoding *default-encoding*))
(flex:make-external-format encoding :eol-style :crlf))
(register-type 'microdvd
(lambda (file-name)
(equalp (pathname-type file-name) "sub")))