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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; This software is in the public domain and is
;;; provided with absolutely no warranty.
(in-package #:subtitles)
(defvar *default-encoding* :utf-8)
(defclass subtitles ()
((contents :initform nil
:accessor contents
:initarg :contents)))
(defclass fragment ()
((text :initform nil
:accessor text
:initarg :text)
(start :initform 0
:accessor start
:initarg :start)
(end :initform 0
:accessor end
:initarg :end)))
(defclass fragment-by-time (fragment) ())
(defclass fragment-by-frame (fragment) ())
(defgeneric read-subtitles (type stream))
(defgeneric write-subtitles (type subtitles stream))
(defgeneric external-format (type &optional encoding))
(defmethod external-format (type &optional (encoding *default-encoding*))
(flex:make-external-format encoding))
(defvar *type-mapping* ())
(defun register-type (type function)
(let ((acons (assoc type *type-mapping*)))
(if acons
(setf (cdr acons) function)
(push (cons type function) *type-mapping*))))
(defun file-type (file-name)
(loop for (type . function) in *type-mapping*
when (funcall function file-name) return type))
(defun load-subtitles (file-name &optional (type (file-type file-name)))
(unless type
(error "Couldn't determine type of ~a." file-name))
(with-open-file (stream file-name :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(let ((flexi (flex:make-flexi-stream stream :external-format
(external-format type))))
(read-subtitles type flexi))))
(defun save-subtitles (file-name subtitle &optional (type (file-type file-name)))
(unless type
(error "Couldn't determine type of ~a." file-name))
(with-open-file (stream file-name :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)
:direction :output)
(let ((flexi (flex:make-flexi-stream stream :external-format
(external-format type))))
(write-subtitles type subtitle flexi))))
(defun encode-time (hours minutes seconds milliseconds)
(+ milliseconds
(* 1000 (+ seconds
(* 60 (+ minutes
(* 60 hours)))))))
(defun decode-time (time)
(flet ((remainder (divisor)
(let (remainder)
(setf (values time remainder) (truncate time divisor))
(let ((ms (remainder 1000))
(s (remainder 60))
(m (remainder 60))
(h time))
(values h m s ms))))
(defconstant +23.976+ 23.976)
(defconstant +25+ 25)
(defconstant +29.970+ 29.970)
(defun convert-frame-rate (from to subtitles)
(let ((multiplier (/ (rational to)
(rational from))))
(loop for fragment in (contents subtitles)
do (setf (start fragment)
(round (* (start fragment) multiplier))
(end fragment)
(round (* (end fragment) multiplier))))