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Welcome to RMarkdown & Pathing lab. Please note, that the RMarkdown document is contained in the rmarkdown-examples folder.


Please commit your work in the rmarkdown-example.Rmd document within the rmarkdown-examples directory. Make sure to commit your rendered files (e.g. rmarkdown-example.html or rmarkdown-example.pdf) into this directory as well. Please see the rmarkdown-example.html file.

Files Included

Common files

  • README.md: a file that provides guidance as to what the assignment is and what is contained inside the repository.
    • You are reading this file right now!
  • rmarkdown-example.Rmd document within the rmarkdown-examples directory: the lab file that we will be working with this time. Generally, lab files will be named hwXX-assign.Rmd.
  • .gitignore: an optional file that RStudio may generate, which prevents certain files from being committed into the repository as they have no value.
  • <REPO-NAME>.Rproj: an optional file that is generated when an RStudio project is created. As we are using RStudio Cloud, this file likely won't be present. For those that prefer to work inside their local RStudio project, you may be prompted to commit this file into the repository.

Infrastructure for Testing

  • .travis.yml: provides a foundation for performing continuous integration checks, or verify that we can render/create output from your RMarkdown file. If your RMarkdown file is correct, then "Build Status" badge that should be inserted inside this README will be green and show say "build success." Otherwise, the badge will be red to indicate that a "build failure" occurred. Build failures occur if:
    • Image files have not been committed or the path to the image file is inappropriate. Hint: Use relative paths!
    • You added an additional package that was not listed in the DESCRIPTION file and, thus, is not available when travis tries to build the .Rmd file.
  • DESCRIPTION: a file associated with R Packages that indicates to Travis what dependencies must be installed in order to build the .Rmd files.
  • test/render_rmds.R: a short R script that finds all instances of the .Rmd files and attempts to build them!


The testing apparatus (e.g. /test) and portions of the README were based off of an example done by Carl Boettiger.