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Statamic Control Panel Translations Statamic 2.8.8

Installing a Translation

  1. Download this repo as a zip file
  2. Copy the desired translation folder (e.g. languages/fr) into site/lang.
  3. Set locale: fr (or translation of choice) in your Control Panel settings area (or site/settings/cp.yaml) to apply to all users, or in individual user's files (e.g. site/users/{username}.yaml) to apply to only that user.


We're looking to the community to help with translation. Feel free to fork, edit, and send pull requests with new languages, fixes, updates, and corrections to any language files.

Complete Translations

  • Dutch (nl) - Latest: 2.6.2
  • English (en) - Latest: 2.8.8
  • French (fr) - Latest: 2.8.8
  • German (de) - Latest: 2.6.7