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Partial broken after upgrade 2.5.2 #1246

marconucara opened this Issue Feb 6, 2017 · 6 comments


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marconucara commented Feb 6, 2017

Expected behaviour

If I create a fieldset "A" and I use it as a partial in fieldsets "B" and "C", this fieldsets should refers the original partial "A" and when I change or add fields to "A", i should see that fields in "B" and "C" data-entry page without any change at "B", "C" fieldsets yaml.

Actual behaviour

If open an old fieldset "B" that refers "A" as partial I see all "A" fields exploded (it is like if I added all "A" fields at "B"). If i save I see all "A" fields copied in "B" (in "B" yaml file). Now if I change "A" it is just a copy and "B" fieldset remain the same.

*old fieldset because created before upgrade

If I try to create a new field that use a partial I can't neither to choose a fieldset that is flegged as hide: true as I used every partial (other bug? same bug? just as expected?). Than I've the same bugged behaviour anyway.

Steps to reproduce

As explained before.

Server configuration

Operating system:
dev: OSX
pre-prod: amazon linux

Web server:
dev: valet
pre-prod: apache 2.4

PHP version:
dev: 7.0.14
pre-prod: 7.0.14

Statamic version:

Updated from an older Statamic or fresh install:
direct upgrade from 2.1.19

List of installed addons:


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rrelmy commented Feb 17, 2017

@jasonvarga This bug is pretty easy to fix.

The ajax parameters passed to /get?partials=false&creating... are evaluated as string. And we know "false" == true

Changing line 106 inside FieldsetController.php fixes this particular problem, but I think the creating parameter is affected too. (I added the bool() call around the input)

    $array = $fieldset->toArray(bool($this->request->input('partials', true)));

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lukeagsmith commented Feb 19, 2017

I've bumped into this too:

  1. Selecting a partial in the fieldset editor in the CP adds the fields of the partial to the fieldset yaml you are editing rather than linking them with a partial fieldtype.

  2. You can't select hidden fieldsets from the list of partials in the dropdown. I would imagine most people have hide: true in their partial fieldsets.


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marconucara commented Mar 8, 2017

Nothing solved after 2.5.4 update


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JayVerb commented Mar 10, 2017

This is causing much headache, especially trying to add a meta partial to all fieldsets. I have other common partials that I'm holding off on adding, hoping this gets resolved soon.


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lukeagsmith commented Mar 10, 2017

@JayVerb partials will still work as they should if you add them in the yaml instead of the control panel, so could get your meta partial added in if it's holding you up.


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JayVerb commented Mar 10, 2017

@lukeagsmith Yes, I'm still building out the fieldsets for the site so if I alter any of them, the partial then loads the structure into the yaml. Nothing really holding me up, but thanks!

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