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@state-of-the-art state-of-the-art released this Oct 21, 2019

First release of BlendNet!

This release to show the the concept are working well.


  • Prepared Blender UI, Manager & Agent
  • It's all working on GCP provider
  • If some Agent is terminating - Manager getting it's results and reassigning the least work to another subtask
  • There is some cost-optimizations (Agents will be stopped if there is no tasks or Manager is going to shutdown)
  • Tested on simple project - and looks like working

Known issues:

  • Tested only on Linux - hopefully should work on MacOSX and maybe will work on Windows (but expect errors).
  • Initial configuration is quite hard for someone who never used GCP gcloud utility
  • Tested only on GCP with default project - so if you have some interesting configs, it could fail
  • Agents will have external ip to download external resources (updates, blender binary)
  • Some settings are not working - for example you can’t specify the existing manager IP, so only dynamic creation on GCP
  • Auto-shutdown of the Manager - so you have to stop it manually
  • Save of the Manager/Agent tasks information between runs - do not shutdown Manager until you get all the required information from it
  • Simple auto download the results - right now they are downloaded only if you previewing them
  • Not tested render with dependencies (images,caches) - so could contain some minor issues
  • Interface is responsive - but relies on user interaction, so if it’s not updating - just fly mouse around it
  • Providers interface is not looks good - will be rewritten
  • Animation (multiple frames) tasks creation glitches (sometimes stuck for some reason on some frames) and slow, but could be used somehow)
  • No Manager tasks control Addon interface
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